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    There is something magical about camp, something that ignites the soul and sets us free to be everything we are and more than we thought we could be. It's about embarking on new adventures, taking chances, discovering friendships, and choosing what's most important about life - others.

    For 25 years, Kidventure has been providing summer camps to thousands of kids and setting the stage for people to grow, learn, and celebrate life.  
    Now, we've taken that spirit of summer camp and crafted a line of apparel that speaks to this celebration of life.  We're putting our view of the world and our belief on our backs, on our heads, and for all to see. 



    1. We believe in family. If you want to change the world begin here. 

    2. We believe in doing the right thing.  Not when everyone is looking, but when no one is watching. 

    3. We believe in love and not fear.  And that we should stand up for what is right in the world and fight against what is wrong. 

    4. We believe that the future belongs to our kids. 

    5. We believe that making the world a better place takes everyone.